This book is of suspense with psychological content. It is the story of two like-minded men but with very different facets, whose lives intersect to create an outcome of cruel and unjust repercussions. Alfred is looking for a decent job and he meets Fabio who, besides being rich and eccentric, needs a trustworthy person to carry out certain odd jobs. They establish a friendship around topics such as politics, art, philosophy, weapons and about intense and distant loves. Alfred experiences prison and remembers his childhood to be filled with courage in order to prove his innocence. He takes us back to his and Fabio's recollections to recreate the conditions of his failed and fatal friendship and to provide proof that his friend and executioner suffered from serious mental imbalances that ultimately caused his misfortune.

The Man Who Bought His Own Death

  • Title: The Man Who Bought His Own Death
    Author: Bertha Lopez Giraldo
    Pages: 118 pages
    Paperback ISBN: 978-1733701457
    Hardcover ISBN: 978-1733701464
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