Marriage is the key to possible procreation, a gratuitous gift of God, a choice two adult and rational individuals freely make to live as one. In fact, marriage does not need many steps to succeed because the parties create and decide how many steps they need to take in their marriage. The author recommends 50 steps - the little step by step behaviors and life-styles that can assist married and single individuals or those, yet to marry, successfully navigate their lives and marriages. Relationships being basic in human life journey, any mistake on this fundamental trip may inevitably lead to total loss of lives. Just as there can be no perfect man, woman or marriage on the planet, so, no marriage can be the same, except when couples or individuals choose to live in harmony within their own circumstances and means. The author, a Catholic priest, once a Judge in the Marriage Tribunal of his Diocese for years, offers first-hand pieces of information, unknown to many married men and women, which can help them, grow in each other and enjoy the full blessedness of marriage. In other words, "The 50 Steps to Happy Marriage (A Life Positioning System - LPS" is a child of systematic and acquired knowledge, born out of the author's deep love for single, especially, married people to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disagreements, rather, understand themselves better and enjoy their peace of minds in their marriage, just as he, a celibate, enjoys the sacrifices of his priesthood today, with one thing in mind: "Happiness is a choice" and we must, married or single, accept what we cannot change in our lives and appreciate what is or available at the moment.

The 50 Steps to Happy Marriage -eBook

  • Title: The 50 Steps to Happy Marriage
    Author: Anthony O. Nwachukwu
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