Three weeks after Melissa, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Barbara and Mark Harding was abducted, no demands for ransom have been received. Guided by the retired U.S. Marshall John Bernstein and husband of her dear friend Susan, Barbara is put in touch with a psychic named Sterling. Though he is currently busy with another case of an abducted child, Sterling secretly gives Barbara a powerful crystal that soon protects her from a dark presence in Melissa’s bedroom. When a young girl named Jessica Taylor tries to steal the crystal, Barbara begins to realize that her family is caught in a web of terrible evil that stretches back 500 years.Unknown to Barbara, Jessica’s older sister Heather is trying to thwart the very evil that threatens two families. Guided by a 500-year-old spirit named Tobias, the girls’ father, Martin Taylor, has kidnapped Melissa and dug up from a grave an ancient jeweled dagger and a book of powerful magical spells, which he will use to sacrifice Melissa during the upcoming night of a “blood moon.” Hoping to prevent her father from becoming a murderer, Heather steals the “Jillian Dagger” and hides it in a cave, where she is almost captured by the disembodied sorcerer Tobias.


Barbara meets Heather when she discovers the girl hiding in the Hardings’ parked boat and is told the story of the curse on their two families: 500 years earlier, the wizard Tobias had set in motion a spell of black magic that requires a mother to give up a daughter as a sacrifice. Which grant`s Tobias a form of near-immortality. Now, bound by the curse, a descendant of the Taylor family must sacrifice an innocent child of the Bishops using the Jillian Dagger for Tobias to regain physical existence. Sterling appears and resolves to stay with the Bishops until he can figure out how to combat the evil wizard and prevent the sacrifice of the Bishops’ daughter.

Sacrifice the Innocent - eBook


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