Writing in 2019: You Don’t Need Passion (Anymore)

by Asif Ali

Passion is energy, said Oprah Winfrey once — perhaps in the bygone days when “writing” was still about writing novels and competition wasn’t prevalent in literature.

Passion, sure, drives everything. In fact, with history as a witness, every great achievement has been driven by this emotion.

However, it’s fair to say that, with how things are at the moment, the word certainly is overrated.

Here’s the punch line of this post: If you’re trying to be a writer in 2019, you would need more than just passion.

Even when you’re writing for leisure, the deterrence of few clicks, views, and engagement will eventually catch up, choking the passion out of you. And all you’ll be left with is a redundancy of soulless writing that’s mechanical at best, and mechanical, at worse.


The “Instant” Culture

Patience is underrated — today, more than ever, when we’re living in the “instant” culture.

How to get readers to my blog instantly?” “Start SEO.

How to gain more followers quickly?” “Social media marketing.

How to make money from my blog easily?” “AdSense.

Unsurprisingly, this culture doesn’t bode well with everyone, given, in part, due to inconsistencies from the writers themselves, and in part, due to high competition in virtually every sub-niche.

Take this from a person who has been blogging on-and-off for more than three years with little success financially, you need patience more than anything in the world.

When you aren’t getting the desired traffic, when engagement is virtually negligible, when you’re killing it with high-quality contents but seems to be getting no recognition, your passion will thin.

You will question your ambitions and goals. It is here when you would need patience, which is another word for hope — hope that all your hard work will deliver you a good outcome, not necessarily today but definitely tomorrow.

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you’re struggling with low exposure, haywire motivation, confusions out of uncertainty, and lots of “how’s” “why’s” and “when’s”.

Have the passion for what you’re doing, sure. But understand that in the coming days, things will go even worse — and your writing quality will have very little to do with it. This is where having patience will take you a long, long way.

Hang in there. Have patience. And be consistent. Things will take the right turn one day.

Remember, destiny rewards NOT those who are talented but those who are consistent.

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