Brace yourself, pace yourself

by Sierra Ayonnie

Don’t run out of steam

Writing is a tedious task. Let’s face it, 1,000 words for many of us can be done in thirty minutes. But, what happens if in one day we need to push out 10,000 words? Do we do this back to back? Of course not. We have to brace ourselves and pace ourselves.

Screen-time anxiety is a real phenomenon that isn’t just happening to children, but also to adults. We spend a lot of time, especially as writers, looking at a screen everyday because we have work that has to get done. After all, none of our projects are going to write themselves. By looking at the computer for so long our anxiety builds since we aren’t going outside as much or even interacting with humans. With that being said, we have to make time to be humans and not mere robots with words… a lot of words.

I have some advice for those of us who spend 15 hours out of the day working at home as full-time writers. I wrote this article because I want to save all of our sanities, and if this advice doesn’t help then please, tell me what does.

First, take a break.

Your words are going to run together eventually. The more you write, the more you’re going to get a bit more critical of grammar rules. It’s interesting how that makes us better writers overtime, but it also creates deep thinkers, over analyzers, and anxious people. If we don’t take the time to take a walk away from the work then we can over work it and then it won’t feel natural anymore. None of our readers want to read anything that was forced because it will feel forced.

Secondly, go outside and find some friends.

There are a lot of times when we get blamed for “living in our heads.” This notion is true, especially if you spend loads of time writing fiction. Your head can become a place of torment that feels like it’s out of control. But, if you go outside then you’re able to get some fresh air and realize your place in the world. It can be grounding to take a nature bath. You’ll feel a different form of oxygen which will enable you to return to your work with clarity of mind.

If you hang out with friends then you’re going to feel inspiration for stories that you wouldn’t have discovered if you stayed at home. People have a funny way of reminding you the reason behind why you do what you do. They can help to build characters and if you’re a journalist then you’re able to find stories that your editors will love.

Then, write as a hobby.

If everything you’re doing is for exposure or pay then you’re going to get stuck. You won’t feel the love for writing quite the same anymore. But, if you switch it up with a different genre you’ll remain productive and know that you can do everything that you set out to do. Writing as a hobby builds on creativity and when you return back to your paid positions then it won’t feel as taxing.

Overall, just gain some clarity of mind. If need be, take up a new hobby just to escape. Join an organization, do Yoga, or even practice meditating. All of those forms of living can help you build a solid foundation in your work which will pay off in the end.


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