Tell Your Story.


We are an established and experienced group from various publishing houses who teamed up to bring you an accessible and competitive author services.

We Know the needs of both aspiring and published authors so we have come up with a simplified, fast and holistic services guaranteed to generate results.


We’ve Partnered with industry giants that will help promote your success and bring your book into the spotlight.

We Aim to open the opportunities for your book to be noticed and signed by traditional houses.

We Eliminate the struggles of an aspiring, beginning and experienced author.

We Share a common goal with you and that is SUCCESS

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We Simplify the self-publishing course for aspiring, beginning and experienced authors and provide you a personal and dedicated production support.


We Eliminate the expensive cost and struggles of the publishing process through our deep and  professional consultation. Your publishing consultants are experienced in analyzing your current needs and status making sure that you will only be taking the necessary author services.


We Move the publishing tools closer to you by making it accessible, easy and convenient but with supreme quality.


We Offer premium publishing and marketing services at the most economical way.


We Bring you worldwide audience.


We Deliver to our promised services.

Our goal is to simplify your self-publishing experience, so you can get away from the hassles of book publishing. GoldTouch Press is dedicated to help you eliminate those common roadblocks in getting your manuscript submitted to print. Plus, you will have a full support of our seasoned publishing associates to make sure that your goal is realized.

Start your Publishing Dream

As a self-publish author, you will have all these benefits to make sure that you can easily move your dream forward.

100% Author Rights

You retain all the rights to your work including creative control of the book.

Flexible Payment Plan

Publish with ease and take advantage of our flexible payment plan giving you the chance to pay in installment basis until your book is published.


100% Royalty on Net Profit

You should reap all the fruits of your hard work. You receive 100% of the net proceeds of your book sales.



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